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Christmas Eve 2018 !!!

I am so glad that I went all out in preparing holiday celebrations for my parents in the last years that I had them here in life with me. Ooft, I have such good memories. I have other wonderful Christmas memories too, from places far away and people long ago.

For good cheer on my solo Christmas Eve this year, I bought seafood. There will be more than enough leftover for New Year's Eve also, which is when I traditionally prepared seafood. This year I bought frozen "oven crispy" SeaPak popcorn shrimp and crab poppers which are "wild caught blue crab cheese & jalapeño peppers in a crunchy beer batter, includes citrus tartar sauce". I have lemons for fresh-made lemonade to toast the new year.

I bought myself several gifts, among which are three videos that I downloaded from one of my favorite comedians, the self-proclaimed German Ambassador of Comedy, Henning Wehn, I plan to view all of them on Christmas Eve. I know that there will be more that a few chuckles in Henning Wehn's humor.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All !!!

Caption: Henning Wehn

The German Ambassador Of Comedy

screen capture 2018

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