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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

What Is Around The Corner of My Life?

When I was a young social justice warrior trying to make this world a better place for those who follow me in life, I had no idea that half a century later some of those youngsters whose lot in life* I sought so earnestly to improve would grow up to revile and menace me simply at the sight of me, an old white woman. This is the work of Antifa and the other destructive, left-wing militant groups in the United States. It is not brave nor is it noble to frighten an old lady. Do Antifa’s spontaneous volunteers, who are hidden in our public spaces, have more unpleasant surprises around the corner of my life?

Yesterday when I was standing at the grocery store customer service desk getting a refund, a tense young stranger crowded up between me and the credit card reader, which forced me to ask him to move so that I could put in my card to finish my transaction. Then he moved so closely behind me that I could smell him, then he moved in on my other side and stood so closely that our elbows were brushing. I felt menaced by him as he circled me. Because my old back is stiff it was hard for me to turn to keep track of where he was moving around me. Most people leave reasonable personal space when cuing up for financial transactions. The young man’s face was taunt with strange emotion. Something seemed to be going on behind my back. The young customer service representative appeared excited by his behavior and she did nothing to help me.

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* Best Answer: Your lot in life is your fate...

“Villages in several parts of the world would periodically redistribute the assigned use of parcels of communally owned agricultural land by drawing lots. When/where lands were owned/controlled by feudal lords, lot use was assigned by them on whatever basis they chose. The type and quality of an allotted parcel, however chosen, as well as the availability of water and other resources, would determine whether it could best be used as orchard, cropland, or pasturage; the amount and type of work necessary to make it yield a living; thus it set an upper limit on the degree to which a family could prosper. As it was very difficult -- in some times and places it was illegal -- for villagers to just up and go elsewhere, their lot in life was literally dependent upon their lot.”


Caption: What Is Around The Corner of My Life?

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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