• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

A Leap Of Faith

The San Andreas Fault is one of the largest geological faults in the world. This extensive system of cracks in the earth runs 800 miles through the western side of California. In some places the San Andreas Fault runs a mile wide and in other places its branches are very narrow. When I was a young woman a girlfriend showed me a narrow section of the San Andreas Fault thinking to scare me, but I took one look and gauged the crack to be only a couple of feet wide so I leapt it. It was highly amusing when she scolded me for jumping it, because “It could open up at any time!” It was a titillating leap of faith. I remember those days when I doubted I could ever die.

Caption: aerial photo of the San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain-free domain image

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