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Hearing and seeing media reports about sexual assaults by so many woman, the great and the ordinary accusing the great and the ordinary, triggers my own bad memories of being sexually assaulted, and I have so many bad memories of being helpless and sexually assaulted. It is difficult to manage all of the emotions from all of the sexual assaults that I have suffered over the years. My mind compartmentalized those memories, they are contained in my subconscious mind, so that I can function in my life. I have no trouble accessing those memories, they are horribly vivid, but I try not to do remember. Thinking of what hurt me during sexual assault upsets and hurts me again. So I avoid it.

Recent media reports on high profile rape cases are making avoidance impossible, especially highly publicized FALSE accusations that diminish the ability of true victims to come forward. For example:

09-27-18 My online comment to President Trump, https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/.

Copy to Tucker Carlson, comments@foxnewsinsider.com

RE: An old woman's perspective on Dr. Ford's testimony today, on Watch Live: Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford Testify At Senate Hearing | NBC News (Supreme Court justice confirmation hearing on candidate Kavanaugh)

Dr. Ford was not raped, not beaten, not murdered. Her story is that she drank alcohol while she was six years under the legal drinking age of 21 in the USA, in an unknown apartment where she had never been before, with only three or four other teenagers present. Two of the boys were drinking heavily yet she stayed and drank with them. Those two boys pushed her into a bedroom, one boy tried to rape her and she thought he might “accidentally” kill her, the other boy appeared to be conflicted about what was going on. The conflicted boy kept jumping on the bed until she was able to get away. The boys did not pursue her. This event was frightening, reprehensible, and in a better world would have had appropriate consequences at the time for all of the teenagers who were drinking underage, maybe grounding for the teenage girls to keep them from drinking at “notorious” parties as Dr. Ford described the parties she typically went to, and brief sex counseling for the teenage boys. But this was not a life shattering event. Dr. Ford did not go to a hospital, she was not raped, and most importantly she did not endure any fears of possible pregnancy, which is a torment for rape survivors.

I am sorry to say it, but Dr. Ford appears to be lying for political and possible personal gain, as evidenced by the facts that she provides, the facts that she cannot remember, and her demeanor. I wanted very much to believe Dr. Ford as I support all people who are victims, but in this case she is simply not believable.

By claiming that it is her “civic duty”, Dr. Ford has not adequately answered why she is brutally intent on ruining a fifty-plus year-old man, his marriage, relationship with his children, his career, and his finances, for an attempted assault that she alleges he made when he was sixteen or seventeen, over thirty years ago. One way of looking at it is that this now fifty-year-old victim has waited three decades to get revenge on a teenage boy. It is not an excuse, but it is a fact that men’s brains are not fully matured until their late twenties*, therefore Judge Kavanaugh is literally not the same person that he was thirty years ago. Dr. Ford should have brought her accusation of this historical assault years ago in 2012, if that is when she finally remembered it enough to report it to her therapist. For Dr. Ford to have delayed her accusation of rape, until after the confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh and and declare it just before the vote on his appointment, suggests she had a political motive to stymie the Trump administration.

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* The Washington Post relates that many scientists agree that the brain does not reach maturity until at least the mid-20s. Some studies suggest that the brain continues to develop into the early 30s." https://www.bing.com/search?q=when+do+brains+mature%3F&form=EDGEAR&qs=PF&cvid=64c1579546f74ffe8bcea71ac1585cd3&cc=US&setlang=en-US

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by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

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