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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Ties Restrict Blood Flow To The Brain

According to new studies and old reports from men who have been forced to wear ties all of their lives, a well-tied tie restricts blood flow to brain; whether the classic Four-in-Hand, the Full Windsor, the Half Windsor, the Shelby, or the Bow Tie. They say a tie gives the sensation of strangulation. To force a man into a tie is cruel.

Years ago there was a contest in the newspaper to explain why men wear red ties. My answer was that the tie is like a prearranged noose, the red symbolizes the man’s anticipation of offering his life blood in allegiance to whoever forced him to wear the tie. I always thought that it was mean to tie men’s neck like dogs with too-tight collars. Whenever a man asked me if his tie was straight, my standard answer was, “Ties are never straight. But if they were, yours would be.”

The Conversation in 2018:

“Ties are something of a standard office-wear for men, from call centers to investment ... this socially desirable strangulation' and how it affects the brain. A smooth and steady flow of blood to the...” Daily Mail

“Comfortably dressed men may be smarter and higher-functioning than guys who wear ties — because the neckwear reduces blood flow to the brain, according to new research. The uncomfortable office attire...” New York Post

“The study showed that wearing a tie that causes slight discomfort can reduce blood flow to the brain by 7.5%, but the reduction is unlikely to cause any physical symptoms, which generally begin at a r...” Medical Xpress

“Now a mayor in Southern California says he wants to ban workplace dress codes that require wearing neckties, with the mayor claiming the fashion accessory restricts ... blood flow to my brain, and it...” Fox News


Caption: Why Men Should Not Have To Wear Ties

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018


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