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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Mock The Monarchy

Like most Americans, I am very much in opposition to constitutionally enshrined hereditary rulers, like Queen Elizabeth II. I am an ardent supporter of democratic democracy. My hope is that one day our American republic reaches that full potential.

I did some irreverent tweeting this past week, as my avatar AdroitWaterBear, because I was shocked, insulted, and agitated by the diapered baby blimp of President Trump that was allowed to fly over London during our American President Trump’s meetings in England regarding Brexit, NATO, Soviet geopolitical developments, and more. The blimp was a silly but highly irritating distraction, the media went crazy for it.

AdroitWaterBear Tweets

The Queen of Britain better look out :-) The Americans are coming, and we demand life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She looks like she could use some, put a smile on her kisser.

(in response to complaints that the Trumps were disrespectful in shaking hands rather than bowing when they met the elderly queen)

Americans do not bow to any monarch, not since our war for independence from Britain. If the “Queen” would bow back, like the polite Japanese for example, then of course we would bow together. Americans are not dogs to sit, stay, and beg. Age is not relevant in a power context.

(in response to general puzzlement as to how certain English mayors could ever have been elected, given their strange demeanor)

My theory is that the powerful British Monarchy and wealthy nobles use the odd "Lord Mayors" Khan and Magid as tools and distractions; while the wealthy make political and financial moves behind the scenes.

When he says he just dislikes Trump and not the American people, London Lord Mayor Khan is being disingenuous. Insult the American president and you insult the American people, because Trump was elected to represent us.

(earlier on I had written...)

Just because the British speak English doesn't mean they are our friends. We had to do a bloody revolution at great cost to America to get free of Britain’s tyranny. Let's not backslide. It seems likely that the Moslem mayors of London & Sheffield are responding to anti-US overtones of the monarchy/nobility in Britain when they "ban" Trump with such flagrant disrespect. USA does not need NATO to be free, can Britain say the same? Renegotiate NATO terms based on the not so subtle hostility in Britain. The British upper crust have a long history of denigrating and bullying to get their way. Not this time. MAGA

(In response to Nigel Farage's 07-09-18 Fox interview in which he blasts Sadiq Khan for permitting the Trump blimp to fly, 107,256 views)

Since the truly distinguished Nigel Farage is kind enough to elucidate relations between the UK & the USA, I will return the favor. There is no hope for a 21st century country-to-country relationship between the UK and the USA, or between the UK and any other country for that matter, until the UK divests itself of its infantile embrace of the British monarchy. Having kings, queens, royalty, and upper class/caste topping Britain's social structure muddies the political waters. Are Britain's "nobility" still in function if not in fact at the helm of state, sailing contrary to the voice of the British people who have clearly spoken for Brexit? If so, it is time to finish the work begun by the Magna Carta in 1215. What are you waiting for, waiting for over 700 years?

Caption: Purported photo of Elizabeth II

“Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms”

just before she had the Trumps in for tea (not a state dinner) on 07-13-18

(after snubbing the American president and his wife for a week)

Caption: Look up in the Sky...It's a's a Balloon and a Loon

by Ben Garrison (non commercial use)

See great cartoons at for some patriotic chuckles.

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