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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Drugs and alcohol are not what they seem.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are a predominate, but unspoken part of American culture now. In the twentieth century they were presented in the media as glamorous status symbols, or something that a sad, sad veteran would do to self-medicate away the nightmare of war memories. Now society is silent on these chemicals, except for the occasional and ineffectual governmental “War On Drugs”. Cute names like druggie and alky do not hide the fact that addicts’ failure to participate in society leaves the full burden of maintaining and advancing society on those who do not incapacitate themselves with drugs and alcohol. Not to mention the drudgery of being sane and sober oneself but compelled to interact with infantile personalities stunted by chemical addictions. Everyone knows that you cannot depend upon a drug and/or alcohol addict, other than to bring you the destruction and sorrow that follows in their wake.

For millennia, medical and social experts have decried the deleterious effects of drugs and alcohol. But prohibition does not work, so what is one to do? Wait for evolution to correct the problem? That could take millions of years. Gene-modify to create people who do not want to take drugs and alcohol? But that is the dream stuff of science fiction. My brother and sister have not spoken to me in about forty years, nor helped me through any of the difficulties in my life, nor accepted anything I could offer to them as my family. I believe that their use of drugs and alcohol have robbed my siblings of core integrity. Otherwise, why would they abandon me, a loving sister who really need them sane and sober in my life? I attribute it to their insidious use of drugs and alcohol.

Caption: Cored Cubes Lose Their Integrity Much Like People

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018


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