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Beginning Another Week

Before I turned to the horrible life task of working on my late father’s lawsuit for nursing home loss of leg due to neglect, I played in Twitter for a while. I joined Twitter in 2015, but I just started tweeting this year, so the interactions are novel to me. So far I have made nine tweets. In the nineteenth century I never imagined that I would be communicating to the ENTIRE on-line world in this way. Thrilling, no matter how much Twitter is mocked as plebian, I know that it is thrilling for millions of participants, including me. Wonder what will be next, will I live long enough to see it? Well, no, I suppose I will only get to see a little bit more.

1. Ivanka Trump’s humorous tweet encouraging people to “VOTE”, drew a twitter storm-lette in which I participated. Here is a sample from the thread:

Next Day Count

Tweets – 15K

Retweets – 32K

Likes – 97K

Miss Matched Shoes: That video was almost as white as it was unfunny.

Cynthia: White is as good as any other color.

Reel School: White, in terms of pigment is actually the absence of colour. Much like your tweet is the absence of tact.

AnnmarieThrockmorton: white in terms of light is all colors. likes – 393 (changed to 407 while I was typing this, was 754 by early the next day), retweet – 5 (7)

Brychemist gave ballast to the thread: “Actually, if an object is white, it’s because it cannot absorb the visible wavelengths of light, or in other words, cannot absorb any color from light. Light itself that has all wavelengths is not really white, but is just called white light because no color can be seen.”

ImOuttaHere: That is for objects and wavelengths must be at full spectrum before combining to do that. White is still the absence of color (achromatic) when talking about light. Which is how this thread began.

Bruce Brenner: And yet if you combine the wavelengths of light from all 3 primary colors you get full spectrum white light. Spin a color wheel and enjoy the white.

uuuuuuh '1/14th cherokee': “you know I really want to agree with your sentiment but that shit made NO sense”

ImOuttaHere: So annemarie is incorrect.

Marcus Hinton: This whole thread is filled with pathetic virgins

ImOuttaHere: Guess is how you look at it. I see they are both absence of color. Whereas white reflects all light in a diffused way black absorbs all light reflecting none. Both achromatic yet opposite each other. Like we are both right and both wrong about aspects of each.

AnnmarieThrockmorton: Black is the color of the pupil in a loving mother’s eye. (Someone marked this and it was removed. Sad.)

Deepak Shakur, Reel School, & BlackBeauty: High level tweet response.

YoungKrizzle posted a looping video clip of a woman telling a man “You’re a nincompoop.”

Eventually Twitter said: This conversation has too many replies to show them all. (I did not know that could happen in the digital world. Censured?)

It matters to me that science not be politicized. All of the colors of the visible spectrum make up white light. White light is an array of all wavelengths of visible light, the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. If a barn appears white, it is because all colors of the visible spectrum are bouncing off of it and are received by our eyes, and we call it white. Ergo Est: white in terms of light is all colors. And, a good time was had by all. :-)

Now, back to my personal nightmare of father’s wretched lawsuit.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Afterthought. The thrill of tweeting was soon gone as I encountered trolls with potty-brains and worse, who came into almost every thread that I entered, often less than a dozen tweets deep. As they say, there is no cure for stupid, and mean is hard to avoid.

And, I found that if I tweeted anything at all critical of the creators of the on-line content being discussed (on the original tweet, video, website, etc.), my tweet was soon deleted. As they say: nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see.

Caption: Beginning Another Week

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2018

Caption: My tweet on 05-2-18, “White in terms of light is all colors.”

was liked by over seven hundred people.

My tweet a few days later, "Black is the color of the pupil of a loving mother's eye."

was deleted almost immediately.

Caption: My tweet on 05-2-18, “White in terms of light is all colors”

was viewed by over a quarter million people in the next three weeks.

I wonder what it meant to them? I was playing factual, to defuse race squabbling.

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