• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Kilauea Volcano—Martial Artist Tells Old Lady “🖕”

ABC News “Hawaii facing new volcano fissures that opened overnight”, published 05-13-18.


AdroitWaterBear | 3 hours ago

Why does no one ask why Hawaiian officials approved residential development on these known lava flow areas? That's dereliction of duty to protect the public. Or what about the unethical housing contractors who took money to build homes where homeowners are at risk of lava flows?"

nandansho | 2 hours ago (edited)

AdroitWaterBear. It's White home Owners..Fuck em. 🖕

AdroitWaterBear | 5 sec ago

nandansho. Your attitude is like my own personal experience when I visited America's 50th state. Hawaiians were not welcoming, some even seemed to hope that I would come to harm, and they felt comfortable expressing that feeling to me openly, in public. They knew their malevolence was shared by many. One said he did not care if tourists (read white people) fell through lava that looked solid but broke open to molten lava underneath, another hatefully encouraged me to go swim in an ocean storm. What kind of man tries to trick a woman to risk her life?

Maybe we do need a white homeland.

BTW, I too practiced Okinawan Shorin Ryu, and I am certain your attitude of

“It's White home Owners..Fuck em. 🖕”

does not meet honorable martial arts code,

just like those properties located in the Kilauea volcano lava flow zone

did not meet respectable building code.

I am inthetide.com.

Truthseekers | 2 hours ago (highlighted by ABC)

try Google Earth to get a perspective before you make ignorant comments ok?


AdroitWaterBear | 1 sec ago

Truthseekers. Hawaiian Paradise Park housing development is thirty-two miles from Kilauea volcano, which is the most active volcano in world, and to put it there is just wrong.

BTY, Google Earth images are months, even years old so Kilauea Volcano’s lava flows this week would not show. In fact, because Hawaii wants tourists to show up, dump a lot of money, and go home quickly, the lava flows will probably get censored and never show so tourists do not know how risky it can be.

Web Location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jl7NsxsmeU&lc=z23ayvioruzhzn0je04t1aokgfpk2r4hayuayajesz2frk0h00410.1526240858621843&feature=em-comments

Caption: Screen capture-Comments on ABC e-zine article on Hawaii

facing new volcano fissure 05-13-18

Caption: Who is Nandansho?

screen capture of commentator nandansho’s Youtube channel

Caption: Screen captures from ABC e-zine article on Hawaii

facing new Kilauea Volcano fissures, 05-13-18

Caption: Google Earth screen capture shows Hawaiian Paradise Park housing development

is thirty-two miles from Kilauea volcano.

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