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Threading “SWISS GROCERY STORE | Follow Us Around!”

On the channel, “Everything Sarah”, I found the post of Swiss National Jri Vlk thought-provoking.

Jri Vlk | 1 week ago (edited)

Amelia Allen: No! The reasons why food is so expensive in Switzerland are: 1) A strong and very well organized farmership that has a tenfold weight in parliament. The farmers are dictating the prices regarding their own interests. 2) A hermetically closed country to foreign imports, so no functioning market at all. 3) No competition among Swiss farmers, it is a 100% planned economy like in Stalin's times. 4) More than 80% of the food sold only by two supermarkets that decide among themselves what prices to apply = duopoly and no free market. 5) An extremely antisocial policy dictated by an omnipresent farmers lobby.

The result is a highly suffering population. Switzerland is not a democracy; it's a capitalist holding, run by very few important people.

AdroitWaterBear | 2 days ago

Jury Vlk. Scary but believable.

Juri Vlk | 1 day ago

AdroitWaterBear: That's how Switzerland works!

AdroitWaterBear | 1 day ago

Juri Vlk. I'm seventy now and too old to travel so maybe you can tell me, how do old, handicapped people manage in Switzerland? (BTW, Americans think of Switzerland as an economically fit, tidy paradise with polite but well-defended people.) We have free (slightly grimy) electric carts in grocery stores, young baggers who not only bag your purchases but will carry them to your car and load them with great kindness and tell you a little about their life as you go, if you ask the right questions. I could not manage without them. Really.

Juri Vlk | 5 hours ago

AdroitWaterBear: There is a big discrimination of "elderly" people. When you're searching for a new job, 45 years is "too old", which is absolutely mad.

As far as shopping is concerned, compared to the USA it must be prewar level. But prewar I. Baggers never existed. Bringing your groceries to your car does not even exist in the dreams of Swiss shop managers. There are no wheel chairs in the supermarkets and electric carts are unthinkable. Many small shops are not even accessible for people that are not fit as youngsters.

Switzerland is by far the most egoistic country worldwide. The two biggest grocery shops, which are responsible for food prices being 5x higher than in the US, Micros and Coop, don't stress you at the check out. The economical rivals, Lidl and Aldi, stress you a lot and almost give you a kick in the ass when you're too slow. The personal is very stressed there. As a strange fact, the only place where I ever had seen an employee actually going through the whole shop and getting things off the shells for a heavily disabled person and letting wait a lot of people at the checkout, was in a Aldi shop!

No, forget it! Switzerland is together with Germany the worst place to shop.

AdroitWaterBear | 5 seconds ago

Juri Vlk. Thank you for your kind response, it is always best to know the full situation.

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