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death by a thousand cuts

Last night at the Amazon Appstore, on my Kindle Fire HD8, I purchased Aliens vs President(Trump) III (sic) by Smudgeware for $00.00, which is more than it was worth. The President Trump mini-version of this computer game is given away by Services, Inc., "Earth's Biggest Selection" where anyone can "Find, Discover, and Buy Virtually Anything".

In the history of The United States of America has a sitting president ever been so attacked? The trivial answer is no, not by aliens slashing him to death in a computer game. The significant answer is that this violent little game is just one of thousands of multi-media provocations aimed at inciting attacks on the current presidency, seeking its death by a thousand cuts. Literally? This assault is despicable mental torture to put any human being through, especially considering that he is our duly elected President.

And, what are the two aliens on the left doing? Looks like more corruption of the public realm, and deviance grooming.

Note: the day after I made this post, my website would no longer load onto my Kindle Fire HD8. I had to switch to Bing for my internet browser, which is fine. As they say, "You're only paranoid if they aren't out to get you." My laptop computer was a black screen that only cleared after I disconnected the ethernet cable and power, then reconnected. My tower computer was as steady a rock. And so am I.

Caption: Aliens vs President(Trump) III (sic)

computer game by Amazon

display capture of ad on 03-13-18

Caption: email confirmation of Amazon order:

Aliens vs President(Trump) III (sic)

Caption: Aliens vs President(Trump) III (sic) by Amazon

display capture of game play 03-13-18

(corruption of the public realm, and deviance grooming)

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