• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Bookmarks Are Obsolete

Just when I realized that I could make my own bookmarks, suddenly I had a Kindle E-reader which brought me any book in the world that I wanted, instantaneously, in brilliantly lit digital form. There is no longer any practical need for books. We may only keep them through love of tradition, the need for physical backup archives, and the look and feel of a beautiful book in our hands. But I live a minimalist lifestyle, for each thing in, something must go out, to keep my life clear. Therefore, all the pretty little bookmarks that I made to suit myself are obsolete to me.

My father had no need for bookmarks, he simply knew where he had left off in the numerous science or history books and technical or hobby magazines that he had in his reading stacks. My mother would tear off the tiniest corner of a magazine page, or a napkin, and put the shreds in various places in the mystery novels and general interest magazines in her reading stack. I wanted nicer bookmarks, and I was always frustrated with the lack of pretty, inexpensive, commercial bookmarks. Then one day I saw the bookmark creations of another artist, bookmarks which did not suit me but which were delightfully handmade. So I made my own bookmarks to please myself; but it seems that the very next moment I realized that books were obsolete, and my new bookmarks were obsolete, and so I had to let them go.

Caption: Bookmarks that I created to suit myself

because commercial bookmarks were ugly,

and they cost the price of a small book.

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