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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

The Chicago I loved, has changed to the Chicago I fear.

News media report today that murder suspect Shomari Legghette was wearing body armor, had heroin, marijuana, and crack cocaine in his possession, and used a gun with an extended-capacity magazine when he shot Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer six times, murdering him “in a stairwell outside of the Thompson State of Illinois Center. Commander Bauer served with the Chicago Police Department for 32 years, and is survived by his wife and daughter.”

I had lunch in the atrium of the Thompson State of Illinois Center a week ago, and it is catty-corner from the Daley Center where for over a year I have been filing case documents and appearing for court hearings on my late father’s nursing home neglect and loss of leg lawsuit. Breathlessly hiking through the towering buildings, pulling my heavy, unwieldy cart of court documents, jostled by other litigators and their carts of documents, dodging young people with dubious aspects, observed by the sullen, I have always felt unsafe, but I was lulled by the beauty of the Chicago urban canyons. Now I realize there is real menace in those mean streets, crossfire is enough to kill. I have things left to do before I die, so no more dallying over lunch at Pinky’s for me.

Caption: Thompson State of Illinois Center

with Picasso’s walk-through installation

image in public domain 02-13-18.

Caption: Alleged Murderer Shomari Legghette-LT

of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer-RT

image in public domain 02-13-18.

Caption: Map Of Bauer Murder Scene-Source Chicago Tribune 02-15-18.

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