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Apparently you can make a monkey out of me.

I tried on my new monkey suit today, it is cute if I do say so myself, but very, very hot. Is this why humanity shed its pelt? Margaret Cat loved seeing me in my new ears and tail, and amazingly, immediately she ran to me to be picked up and nuzzle my face. Who knew that was what she was looking for? A giant monkey, c'est moi. It was a dull, sad day until I put on my new monkey suit. Perfect for Halloween if I could still walk enough to go trick-or-treating. I am glad I never let a chance pass by for my inner child to play. I have the memories.

Yes, I have heard the rumors, but when I get to Seattle, Washington, if I ever get to Seattle, I plan to check out a furry convention. I am not particularly interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics, but I am interested in meeting those who are. Apparently, furry conventions “provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business, and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept.” I am ready to go in my monkey suit, and a smile.

Caption: I Always Wanted A Monkey Suit

never to late self-portrait at age 68 by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2017.

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