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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Football casualties, is it time to close the curtains on violent entertainment?

On September 24, 2017, NFL’s highest paid quarterback, the Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr stood for the national anthem out of respect for flag and country, while most of his teammates sat or took a knee to protest racial injustice, in particular to protest violence by rogue police against black citizens. Carr did rest his hand on a fellow team member in support. Still, in the game played that night, the blacks sabotaged white quarterback Carr and their own team by leaving him unprotected, and he was viciously kneed in the back which broke it, “fractured”. Irreparable and reprehensible. Later someone punched him in the mouth. Commentators say that the black Raider’s players threw the game because their white quarterback wouldn't kneel during the anthem. President Donald Trump called for owners to fire players who don’t stand for the anthem.

This was my insight contributed to regarding: “Dozens of NFL players kneel, raise fists during anthem after Trump urges them to 'respect our flag'”—Fox News.

Because they are forced by their fabulous salaries to play the dangerous “game” of football, these young, protesting players may secretly hope that the football circus of big bucks, gambling, and drugs will collapse, so that they can stop crippling their bodies, damaging their brains, and risking death. They do not want to play football, but there is no alternative for them, they have to play as long as football will pay them.

The workings of the human subconscious can be very protective. Maybe the players are really on bended knee to pray “Please God don’t let me be injured, brain-damaged.” Maybe their raised fists are really determination to save themselves by ending football. Because if the players keep protesting, the football enterprise may collapse. We need to give the players alternatives, they are too upset to think of it for themselves. They need a big money alternative to playing football, and they need an alternative way to protest racial injustice.

The ultimate racial injustice is that many of these young men have no alternative to achieving the American Dream without damaging themselves playing football, taking those terrible risks for the entertainment of millions. Are the leagues predominately black because they are more skilled? Or because whites have better opportunities? I wish it were not so, it breaks my heart.

Published October 11, 2017. Sports | FOX | Business. “The NFL says: you will stand for the anthem. Finally, football gets a backbone. And President Trump has won.”

No, more correctly, America has won back a fundamental expression of everyone’s loyalty to each other.

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