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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Radical Islamic Terrorists are thick as pea soup, they cannot see goodness for the fog of their own

Radical Islamic Terrorists mistake American love for their hatred.

... our freedoms for wickedness.

... our wisdom for trickery.

... our kindness for weakness.

... our forbearance for vulnerability.

... our strength for complacency.

... our capitalism for injustice.

... our foreign policies for hypocrisy.

... our goodness for evil.

Shame on Radical Islamic Terrorists for their willful blindness, it will bring them nothing.

If they want something, they should build it, not tear down what others have. Some build with stones, others throw them. It is wise to build, not tear down.

American love is a direct result of compassion which is taught by Christianity and most religions in the world, including Islam. Radical Islamic Terrorists “cherry-pick” violence from the Quran and pervert their faith.

Our freedoms were developed by political scholars in many countries over thousands of years, in ancient Greece and even earlier among aboriginal peoples throughout the world.

Our wisdom is the result of our nationwide education. To be a wise society, build schools and teach math, science, and humanities.

Our kindness is a nice national characteristic, and to mock it is just a passing fad in the world.

Our forbearance comes from the desire to do the right thing, which takes time and thought.

Our strength comes from the many peoples that form American society, each with valuable contributions.

Our capitalism provides a high standard of living for 324.60 million Americans of all ethnicities and religions. If Islamic Terrorists want this high standard of living, then they should help develop the resources of the world instead of manufacturing violence, which can only be contained by violence.

Our foreign policies are open for debate by any country through our Ambassadors, the U.S. State Department, or even through the United Nations. Although horribly destructive, violence is a childish tactic. To blow up stuff is not a realistic way to change any country’s foreign policy.

Our goodness asks for no praise. As a nation we strive to do the right thing, what more can a human society do? If there is something Americans can correct, speak to us, don’t blow stuff up.

May Radical Islamic Terrorists learn Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Kindness...

Caption: Radical Islamic Terrorists Are Thick As Pea Soup by Annmarie Throckmorton, 2016.

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