Dreaming My Life


Caption: Annmarie Throckmorton hiking at River Bluff Missouri, age 55



            An inner voice tells me that when I was born, as is every scrap of life onto this earth, I was intended to be a happy, healthy, most magnificently performing form of life.  This is the dream of my life, the reality is that I am flawed and merely persevering.  Nothing monumental has been achieved.  I have not yet . . .


            I continue steadfastly, breath-after-breath, thought-after-thought, step-after-step.  My life dream goes on despite cruel, painful encumbrances,  heart-crushing disappointments, soul-smashing discouragements, the eroding mundane.  Still I leap the barricades, I skip the stumbling blocks, I challenge the obstacles.  I continue to dream my life with surprising joy.  I maintain my purpose.  I know myself to be this steady élan vital.  I am a vital impetus, a vital force.


            Why is this?

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