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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Sorting People Into Categories

Forget about race, financial status, attractiveness, intelligence, skills, whether or not they are simpatico, compatible with me. I now sort people by Dead or Alive; and I'm trying very hard to stay in the latter category myself.

What precipitated this revelation was when I had to pause the charming comedy movie The Trip (2010) to look up whether actor Rob Brydon is dead or alive. It mattered so much to me that I could not continue with the movie until I had confirmed that the excellent impressionist, subtle, clever, British comedian Rob Brydon, to whom I am quite partial, is indeed alive. I felt that I would miss him if he had gone on, perhaps I was preparing to mourn.

I am happy to report that Rob Brydon is alive. I have always been happy to encounter people whom I like who are in the world at the same time that I am. I used to tell them so but that seemed to be startling so I no longer do so. I just think it happily.

Rob Brydon

screen capture, Wikipedia non-commercial use 2023



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