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Power Out

I awoke up today to an electrical power outage, and then the YMCA phoned me to let me know that both of my exercise classes this morning are also kaput. Before I rolled over in the dark for another couple hours of disappointed snoozing, I called in the power outage to Central Maine Power. CMP's recording informed me that approximately 800 customers are effected, and "(w)e cannot estimate when there will be a return to power."

(Actually the media reported that thousands were effected.)

What an unpleasant day, what with Russia's recent "minor incursion" into Ukraine, and essentially all of Russia's military force now perched over the slippery slope of Ukraine's Donbass which "is an industrial region located in Eastern Ukraine. Its name is derived from Donetski Basseyn which means Coal Mining Area near Donetsk. Since 2014 this region is controlled by pro-Russian separatists." Source:

Red Famine "...the horrors of Soviet policy in Ukraine, specifically Stalin’s mass starvation of Ukraine from 1932 to 1933." After which Russians were brought in to repopulate the rich Ukrainian lands that the Soviets stole through genocide. It is the descendants of those implanted Russians who now feel an allegiance and kinship with Russia.

Will there be war? Will there be world-wide war? Will there be war near me, with a more permanent power outage?

Power Outage

animation and still image by Annmarie Throckmorton 02-23-22



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