• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Escape From A Violent, Fraudulent Marriage

Is it assault when a man, who is much, much larger than you, strong-arms knives into your unwilling hands and pulls you into him, trying to make you stab him? YES, and that is what that evil, disheveled, shambling old man who drugged me into marriage tried to do when he came back early and found me packing my car to leave him. It was the first time he had left me alone in weeks, I think he went to get drugs, and he was very angry to find me trying to leave him. He put kitchen knives in my hands and tried to force me to stab him. I threw the knives away as fast as he put them in my hands, then with the shear force of a desperate woman I threw myself away from him, and I got outside. I drove off with whatever of my clothing and personal papers I had managed to pack into my car during the ten minutes that he was gone.

And that was how I made my escape from a fraudulent marriage in which I was drugged, robbed of every penny I had, and assaulted. Writing about this episode in my life makes me dry heave, I want to vomit. I am too old for these horrible memories. I never want to think about this horrific episode in my life again. I pray that now I forget.

Caption: Marriage in 1981.

Caption: Annulment in 1982.


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