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Before applications for employment were all done on the internet, I took my Master's level resume and a sample packet of my industrial technical writing documentation and drove to the General Motors located in Bloomington, Illinois to make an application for employment. The guard at the guard shack would not admit me onto the GE complex so that I could submit my application to Human Resources, then known as the Personnel Department. He would not tell me where I could mail my application. When I insisted that fat, surly, oldish man take my resume packet, he took it with a sneer, swiveled in his chair, and tossed it in a wastebasket. Deep-Sixed. He was confident enough of the prevailing attitude toward women working at GE to crudely, personally reject me to my face.

This week I drove by the former GE facility, which is now "FOR SALE OR LEASE". Seeing that GE is defunct at the site where I was humiliated and discriminated against is a cold, hollow victory against the remaining behemoth that is GE. According to GE's website:

Cities with GE offices or facilities, 997

Countries with current job openings, 92

Total available jobs, 5,078

It is too late for me, but I hope that 21st century women are now finding employment at GE, and working those interesting, high-paying jobs.

Caption: Defunct GE Facilities With Guard Shack

Years After Guard Deep-Sixed My Resume Packet

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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