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On The Other Hand From Mother, A House

When my mother finally realized that it was in her best interests to treat me well, which was soon after she was diagnosed with dementia in her early eighties, she found a house near to her home, bought it outright, and put the new house title in my name. She effectively tied me to her because she realized that she would need my daily care in order to stay comfortably in her own home, instead of being institutionalized, as her decline was horribly rapid. I accepted that obligation because of the house, and out of filial love and duty.

This is a Goggle Earth Pro aerial view of the location of the house that mother bought me. Both of my parents passed in recent years, so soon I will sell this pretty yellow-brick house, which is much too big for one old lady who is soon to be seventy (in 3 weeks). This house is nicely situated across the road from a large, quiet, and beautifully landscaped church. On one street corner are convenient shopping centers, on the other street corner are the stately grounds of Ewing Manor with a Japanese meditation garden and other pretty paths winding through meticulously maintained flower beds. Ewing Manor is adjoined by Ewing Park II which has heavily forested trails that open onto sunny sports fields. The Bloomington Country Club is just down the street, and Illinois State University and other colleges and schools are nearby. Some family will be very happy in this three bedroom, three bath, full basement and attic, attached garage, and nicely landscaped (by me when I could still walk and breathe!) home.

Soon I will be able to spend out my own end-of-life decade(s), living somewhere I want to be, which is NOT Illinois.

Caption: For Sale Soon

Goggle Earth Pro aerial view of my home at

1313 Towanda Avenue, Bloomington, IL 2019

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