Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

What will it be? Will the former 7th director of the United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Brien Comey Jr., be charged with FISA abuses, malfeasance, conspiracy to overthrow the government, all of the above? Or is there A Get Out Of Jail To Free The Rich Guy Card on the table for him?

My online comment was soon deleted:

I wrote, “At the beginning, at 0:08 where he backs up to the wall (what a metaphor), you can see how Comey REALLY feels about all this, a micro-burst of fear grimaced across his face.”

Source: “Comey speaks to reporters after House GOP questioning”, Fox News 12-07-18.

Caption: screen capture of former FBI Director James Comey

as he speaks to reporters after House GOP questioning on 12-07-18.

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