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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Facebook insults friends and influences enemies

Today, Facebook posted a disposable grandma diapers advertisement on my Facebook page, along with invitations to gamble. Does Facebook intend to humiliate me, or is it just that stupid? Or, is Facebook "punishing" me because I have nothing on my Facebook page except a post announcing my website, I gave up on my Facebook page after my content kept "disappearing", first to go was a story about how I drove out of a tornado, the last to go was some of my portrait artwork. Now I only keep my Facebook page open to redirect to my website, and to check friends’ pages, which Facebook only allows if you have a Facebook account. Or, does Facebook hope to insult me so much that I buy its cold comfort of gambling? That is never going to happen. Old people in general do tend to leak a little, and all of us will probably leak eventually, but I do not want Facebook offering diapers to me, personally. If it were not wicked, I would wish, Oh, when I am dead and gone, please let me see into the world when Mark Zuckerberg pulls up his first diaper. I wonder if Markie knows about wet-wipes?

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

BYW, I am opposed to gambling on moral grounds, yet here is my Facebook page advertising gambling. I am offended and dismayed. There appears to be nothing I can do about the choices Mark Zuckerberg is making for my public image.

Caption: Facebook insults friends and influences enemies

screen capture of gambling and diaper ads that Facebook posted on my page 2018

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