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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

“War is what happens when language fails.” ― Margaret Atwood

Like all people who try to be the best that we can be, to be good people, I wonder why Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would repeated attack his own people (for any people for that matter) with chemical weapons. The unmistakable photographs of gassed, tormented, dead men, women and children explain why France, Britain, and the United States would determine to use conventional air strikes to contain the deviant actions of the Syrian president, if it was him.

As I write this I hear birds chirping on my patio with joy at the new, clear spring weather (and the seeds that I broadcast there this morning.) May God grant a new, clear spring in the hearts and minds of people. Tears have never been enough, this tough, old world requires critical thinking, and President Donald J. Trump is the man for the job. Thank you to Trump and family.

My Online Comment at:

Because Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is of the Alawis State/religion (Alawis Muslims are a small minority who have been discriminated against by the majority Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims), maybe he does not see the majority of Syrians as “his people”. If he gets rid of them, there is more everything for his Alawis administration, and he “gets even”.

Why don’t we ever see video clips of these deviant leaders publicly stating what the media claims that they say? For example, what does the Syrian president actually SAY about his people? Surely the US has translators who could subtitle his public speeches?

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“War is what happens when language fails.” ― Margaret Atwood

Caption: White House Reply To My Online Comment To President Trump

Regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

by Annmarie Throckmorton 04-13-18

From: The White House <> Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 5:06 PM To: Subject: Response to Your Message

Thank you for taking the time to express your views regarding foreign policy and our national security.

My Administration is devoted to protecting the American homeland and the American people, promoting American prosperity, preserving peace through strength, and advancing American influence. My National Security Strategy (NSS) describes how my Administration will protect and advance these four core national interests. It is based on the premise that a strong America is in the vital interests of not only the American people, but also those around the world who want to partner with the United States in pursuit of shared interests, values, and aspirations.

The United States faces long-term challenges that demand our sustained national attention and commitment. My strategy is based on a clear-eyed assessment of our interests and a determination to tackle the challenges we face. It acknowledges that there are military, economic, and political competitions in which we must engage to protect American interests and values. My Administration has the confidence to compete.

We are committed to protecting the homeland, the American people, and the American way of life. The Government has a fundamental responsibility to keep Americans safe and to strengthen our sovereignty. A central principle of my national security policy is asserting control over our Nation’s borders. My Administration will enhance border security and vetting, and improve transportation security. The United States has a sovereign right to determine who enters our country and under what circumstances they enter. A priority action in the NSS is securing our southern border through the construction of a border wall. For this reason, I have asked Congress to establish a $25 billion trust fund for a border wall system. In addition, to protect Americans from threats emanating from outside our borders, we will deploy a layered missile defense system to defend our homeland against missile attacks from states such as North Korea and Iran.

Economic security is national security. A strong economy protects the American people and sustains American power. We will rejuvenate the American economy for the benefit of American workers and companies. We will insist on fair and reciprocal economic relationships to address trade imbalances. We are committed to preserving our leadership in research and technology and to protecting our economy from competitors who unfairly acquire our intellectual property. And we will embrace America’s energy dominance, because unleashing abundant energy resources stimulates our economy.

Another central principle of my national security policy is achieving peace through strength. While I am committed to seeking diplomatic solutions to our critical international challenges, we must grow and modernize our military forces—including space and cyber capabilities—to ensure our military power is second to none. Despite the tremendous gains our military has made against ISIS and al-Qa’ida in Syria and Iraq, jihadist terrorist organizations continue to present a dangerous threat to America. Working with partner nations is essential to meeting these challenges, as is ensuring that our allies are contributing their fair share to our mutual defense and to the defeat of foreign terrorist threats.

America has been among the greatest forces for good in the world. My foreign policy celebrates America’s influence in the world as a positive force that can help set the conditions for peace and prosperity. We will continue to champion American values and offer encouragement to those struggling for human dignity in their societies.

Thank you again for writing. To learn more about how the NSS will bolster our Nation’s foreign policy and improve our military readiness, please visit As President, I am committed to strengthening our Nation and protecting the American people.


(Donald J. Trump)

Huh, the initial response above says nothing in particular in response to my emailed thoughts.

But this one does...

Caption: Email from the President of the United States Donald Trump

to Annmarie Throckmorton 04-26-18

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