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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Rain makes me feel powerful.

Rain smells so fresh, it tastes so sweet, it is so essential to life. I love breathing deeply in the rain. Deep into my nose, I draw the earth’s perfume petrichor, the volatile oils released by vegetation into the rain. The smell gives me strength.

Through sheets of rain, I look over this beautifully glistening world. I take in every gleam and sparkle with delight. Shiny is good, it shimmers in my eyes and makes me feel strong.

The sound of rain is musical, rhythmic, and very exciting to the little animal spirit deep within me. Rain calls to me, amps me up. I feel like lightening, I want to thunder.

I happily tilt my face up for rain to slide over my skin. It wells up over my eyes and touches my lips clean and wet. This reminds me of eons past when I was made a fish, and breathing wetness was life. Rain feels like coming home. It makes me confidant.

Rain washes down over me and I luxuriate. Rain builds my strength and power. Rain running off my fingertips tickles me, I am so much stronger. This is exciting! It challenges me and I respond, try me, test me, let us compete! My body is 90% water wrapped in powerful animal proteins. My body urges me to splash up every puddle, to sweep and glide through vast volumes of water, to make rain slide aside with my strength. Rain makes me feel powerful.

So when you see me sitting quietly watching the rain, this is what I am remembering.

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