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Random Kindness

Yesterday I bought milk, eggs, bread, yogurt, and bananas, those were the only groceries that I needed this week, but the clerk refused my credit card. I kept trying to insert my card into the card reader and he kept blocking my hand with a smile. Huh? His smile broadened and he pointed to the woman who had been in the checkout line before me, a woman of about my age, weight, shape, and socio-economic circumstance, a pleasant woman. She was startled to be pointed out for her random act of kindness. I was touched and embarrassed. So I flung up my arms to the heavens in a surge of appreciation and softly exclaimed, "Happy Spring!" Then I shyly fled.

Thinking it over later I realized why the stranger had done such a kind and random thing as to pay for my groceries. I remembered that at the checkout counter, when the young clerk asked if I wanted to keep the bright yellow cardboard box that I had also placed on the conveyor belt, I had said, "Oh yes. That box will do quite a few things. I'll take my groceries home in it, then the cat will play in it for a few days, then I will put some things into it to go to charity." He smiled kindly, "I'll put your groceries in the box for you."*


*Searching the internet I found, "Anything you think there should be more of, do it randomly. Don’t await a reason." By Anne Herbert, Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty, 1993. Ms. Herbert also recommended immediately rewarding good, kind behavior when you saw it.

Random Acts Of Kindness

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

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