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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

My 1st Otherworldly Encounter

Years later when I asked him if this had really happened, he said with intensity, "That's exactly what happened." He hunched his strong, broad shoulders and covered his eyes with a shudder. I would have been very relieved to hear that I misremembered but he unequivocally confirmed it.

This is what happened in 1970, in Burnsville, Minnesota. We had broken off our engagement but when he asked if I would go out for a late afternoon drive with him to talk, I was willing. But we did not reconcile or even discuss our breakup, he simply parked us up on a bluff along the Minnesota River and fell asleep. He had never done that before. I was deciding whether to take a little nap myself when I saw something far away and radiantly bright high in the sky above the river valley, it was zipping from horizon to horizon, zigzagging up and down faster than my eyes could track it. Nothing moves that fast. Then the sky seemed darker than before, or was my vision darkening?

I shook him awake, "There, do you see that, do you see that?" I actually grabbed his head and pointed it to the horizon where there were suddenly four or five points of radiant light zipping around. He said, "I see them. That's impossible, nothing goes that fast." One long, hard look and he was as frightened as I was. I was jumping around in the car like a trapped animal, but he became very quiet.

Suddenly a high wind came up and buffeted the car, I worried that we might be blown off the bluff. Peering fearfully into the swirling debris I saw two fire hydrant-shaped beings running up to the car, faster than any animal could charge. I tried frantically to rouse him to drive us away, but he was frozen in place behind the steering wheel. I was awash in the most hopeless fear that I have ever experienced; and I can recall nothing after that. I did not see or hear from him for many years, when he confirmed that this was a true experience.

Now it is half a century later, and he has passed from life; so I feel free to talk about what happened to us. I do not think that I have ever told anyone about this before posting it today.

My First Encounter With Otherworldly Beings-Truth

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021

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