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Power Out AGAIN

After only a foot of heavy snow, half of Maine's population lost electrical power today.  IMHO, and as I have complained earlier in this blog, Maine's infrastructure is circa 1940s, without significant improvements since. Mainers seem to think this is normal, it is not.


The Governor of Maine issued repeated warning of severe weather in the days leading up to our, frankly not very unusual, last snowstorm of the year.  As usual, said snowstorm did not manifest as the monster they proclaimed, but the uproar about it unnerved me so that I was awake half of the night before.  My lights flickered throughout the night, then failed midday the next day.  The basement detector directly under my apartment immediately started its awful klaxon, bleating in ten-second intervals.  I cannot reach it, and with a ladder I cannot pry open the plastic case so I am dependent on whatever man I can corral to silence it for me.


When the electricity came back on my computer backup battery began its five-second interval klaxon, and I had to crawl under my computer desk to fiddle with it, pressing buttons, unplugging equipment, then turning every device OFF/ON to finally reestablish my internet connection in proper, silent operating mode.  I am seventy-five and I wonder how much longer I can manage this?  I get dizzy and nauseated with the slightest stress or exertion.  I can't do this much longer.


Power Out AGAIN

by Annmarie Throckmorton on 04-04-24, copyright 2024

Thousands remain without electricity in central Maine

screen capture 04-05-24



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