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Holiday Goodies

As I age I have to put a little more effort into the holidays if I am to enjoy them. I have some plans this year for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year's Eve, and my birthday on February 10, 2020 when I will become seventy-one years old. Not so easy to celebrate with just one of me in on the festivities. I thought about ordering prepared food from one of the nicer home delivery vendors, such as Schwan's, "Since 1952, Schwan's™ Home Service has been delivering delicious mealtime solutions." But friends have served me Schwan's appetizers and such, and while the appearance of the food is very attractive, the heavily processed texture and the chemical aftertaste were off-putting. Plus it would cost me three, four, maybe five times as much as it would cost to make something myself. So I did something different. I took the money that I had allocated for holiday goodies, and applied it to a several month supply of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, Turkish fruit jellies, chocolate truffles, and salted caramels. Delicious, and so festive displayed on my coffee table! I have already celebrated with the chocolate truffles and salted caramels.

I bought sunflower kernels roasted and salted, pepitas (pumpkin seed) roasted with salt, pumpkin Seed roasted with salt in the shell, pistachios and black walnuts products of the USA, dried slices of chili mango and kiwi product of Thailand and China respectively, prunes, pineapple, dates, apricots, freeze dried mangos, strawberries, and Fuji apples.

Caption: Holiday Goodies

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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