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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Patriots Protest

AdroitWaterBear posted on Youtube to Black Conservative Patriot, at "GUESS WHO IS CURRENTLY IN EUROPE HAVING SECRET MEETINGS THAT UNDERMINE OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT?", 04-06-19


Obama now has that nose in the air, dismissive head swagger that self-indulgent people have when they know they are doing something wrong but do it anyway, because it makes Obama's small self feel big to stab the American President Trump in the back. Be careful it doesn't rain justice for treason, Obama, because you'll drown with your nose up there like that. (This being in reference to Obama's authorization of spying on President Trump in a blatant attempt to remove the duly elected President Trump from office by soft coup.)

I almost never say that I hate someone, but that is how I feel about former President Barack Hussein Obama II, for tricking me into voting for him and for all the decline he brought to America, in particular his Obama Care, and its impact on me.

Under Obama Care, my Medicare with Humana supplement is $135/month or $1620/year, leaving me to survive on a Social Security Retirement Benefit of $7629/year. My healthcare costs me approximately 1/4th of my realized income. AND, I am not covered for an annual exam, I am allowed only an annual "Wellness Exam" which is "touch-free", meaning my primary care physician does not examine my eyes, ears, mouth, throat, hands, feet, nether regions, nor the largest organ on the body, the skin.

Instead my "exam" consists mostly of a lengthy survey required by Medicare/Humana during which my PCP questioned me on my home setting and my caregiver arrangements. He did not ask if I have any physical complaints, he did not ask if I had any pain. He did not ask any questions regarding my physical self.

I attribute this cataclysmic decline from health care to health-care-in-name-only directly to the 44th President Obama's failed health care program known as Obama Care. I am not the only one who suspects Barack Hussein Obama of ill intent.

Caption: Black Conservative Patriot website screen capture 2019

Caption: former President Barack Hussein Obama II-free domain photograph sourced online

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