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Preparing for my next daytrip to Chicago, Illinois, USA

The media makes it sound like I should be gassing up an armored car with a trunkload of heavy-duty weapons, but I am going to Chicago with my usual old lady defenses, quick wits to see any crime before it unfurls and my cane with which to quickly hobble to safety. Crime statistics on the internet are all over the place. My graduate school work focused on statistics and I cannot make heads or tails of these media accounts, which are probably written by people whose focus has not been statistics.

But my late father’s loss of leg due to nursing home neglect lawsuit requires me to go to another court hearing in Chicago this month, and so to Chicago I must go. The icy spring wind off Lake Michigan will preclude boating, but see the landscape gallery on this website for architectural photographs that I took of Chicago while on the city boat cruise there in 2014. Chicago is a magnificent city. I imagine that it will be for a very long time.

Caption: Chicago River Boat Tour

bend in the river, parallax in the lens, and reflections on the buildings

photographed by Annmarie Throckmorton 2014.

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