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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.


I put my name, myself to my best effort at truth, this other one does not.

His name started with an “S” and ended with morose, and when he grew older, stronger, smarter, richer, he set the world against itself to ease his pain.

It seems to me that this old man must hate Caucasians for what he saw some do during the German/European Holocaust of Jews (the systematic killing of more than 11 million people, including over 6 million Jews and 1.5 million children, 1933-1945); he hates Jews because it happened to them; and he hates himself for witnessing it. Therefore, as a deeply self-hated man there is nothing he is above doing. He so despises himself that he can and does anything, including his amusement of setting the world against itself to ease his pain. He sets religion against religion, color against color, and haves against have-nots. His claim to have no sense of guilt must be a lie. His fearful actions prove it. If only there were a cage to keep his pain from the world.


* Shoah; Hebrew: השואה, catastrophe, great calamity.

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Caption: Annmarie Throckmorton At Age 42 in 1992, twenty-five years ago.

My word is my bond.

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