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Wikipedia Answers asked: What does it mean for a man to be a protector and maintainer of women in t

My answer was written with my brother Peter Throckmorton in mind, and is as follows:

Men are physically much stronger than women; a man's protection of women includes literally protecting his mother, sister, wife, daughter, female friend, and even unknown women from physical harm. That is an awesome responsibility that men have traditionally assumed as part of their social identity as a Man. Young boys begin to protect women as they learn to become men.

Men do not endure the childbearing physiological changes that women undergo, and true men protect women out of respect for the gift of life that women give, and out of compassion for the pain and fear associated with giving birth.

Most societies are structured so that men have greater access to employment, goods, and services than women, men's greater participation being accompanied by the expectation that men will provide financially for the women and children in their families, and by the assumption that men will act as a buffer between the harshness of the world and the tenderness of their families.

It is not easy to be a man, and achieving manhood is a source of well-deserved satisfaction and pride.

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There was an anonymous reply:

“To me this means being a real man... are you so secure with women that you don't have to use them just for sex? Are you so secure and experienced and comfortable with women that you realize their wisdom and caring and nurturing are worthwhile in society? Do you also realize so many women in society are rising to the positions and even exceeding men in the most prestigious and difficult to obtain positions in society? Women are worth protecting because they harness emotions and feelings that men often over look and we as men own the ability to protect and value women who are so important to our communities, children, and happiness as human beings. At the same time some women are just impressive and accomplishing a lot even compared to men. Why would you not protect a person improving and accomplishing great things? Unless you desire her position or can do her profession better you should protect her. The day I feel I became a true man was the day that I spent with my mother and sisters and I felt that they would never have to worry about anything again because I could take perfect care of them and their dreams and wishes. Women are incredible but many and maybe even all can never possess the conviction of a strong man. A man is a protector and maintainer of women because he can share part of that confidence with any and all women around him.”

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Caption: Peter Throckmorton-my brother in a race.

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