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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Time To Let Go

For the past half century I have tried, then merely hoped for a reconciliation with my sister Carla, to no avail, without success, and with no result. It is time for me to let go of that hope, and as my father's would say when I was very sad, "Try not to think about it." Good advise.

These are photographs that I found among my late mother's papers. Carla and Bob never gave me a photograph, nor allowed me to see their sons, never. They never, not once in life called me to see how I was, if I needed any help. They were family in name only, they broke my heart.

I loved my little sister Carla

and I encouraged her when she was timid with Santa-Throckmorton family photo circa 1955

Carla Throckmorton Hertz starts her new family with her husband Robert Hertz

My sister Carla and brother-in-law Robert Hertz's family photograph

This family, and Bob's close-knit, extended family, never once asked me, "How are you, are you okay?"

Not once.

Carla & Robert Hertz with their extended family 1986-While I was having six major operations within two years.



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