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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Static Interference From The United States Postal Service

I suppose it was a small matter, but it could have had large legal consequences in my life. This is yet another time that the United States Postal Service has inflicted their static interference on me.

My complaint to USPS

On 02-27-21 I paid $7.00 to the USPS to deliver a legal document by certified mail with return receipt. When I did not get the return receipt I complained to USPS, and on 03-11-21 I received two emails of response from USPS; I did not get the promised phone call from USPS. One email was from USPS Customer Support <> and it assigned Service Request # 24078070 to this delivery failure. That request number suggests that the USPS has received over 24 millions prior complaints. A few hours later I received a second email from informing me "Upon investigation of your case, the return receipt for your certified letter was misdelivered next door at 1315 Towanda Ave. We will have the carrier attempt to retrieve it and get it to you..." and stating that the matter was "resolved". I have heard nothing since so I can only assume that that retrieval failed. On 03-19-21 U.S. Postal Service <> emailed me requesting that I do a survey about the USPS service in this matter. USPS does not need a survey from me to know that USPS failed completely in the simple task of returning the green card receipt to me.

Now USPS must do the only thing that it can, which is to refund to me the $7.00—which by the way utterly fails to compensate me for the loss of documentation proving I mailed the legal document. Again the USPS failed miserably.

I did the survey and surprisingly the complaint field allowed me to enter my complaint in its entirety. Small satisfaction. I really needed that proof of delivery. All I got was a big waste of my time.

The USPS refused to give me the $50.00 insurance on this transaction, but offered to refund a pro-rated portion of the fee $7.00 that I had paid for certified delivery with receipt, $3.00, since they had completed half of their task. I declined the $3.00 since the USPS required that I fill out a long, faint refund form that was difficult for me to read due to my cataracts and anger.

Static Interference From The United States Postal Service

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021



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