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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.


I just discovered on Google Maps that the historical apartment building in which I live is adjacent to Bien Venue Cemetery, it is only twenty feet directly up the mountain from me. How awful! Rain water drains down from it, and into any broken water pipes under this building. What else? Ugh!

And the name Bien Venue pollutes matters even more:

bien venue is "(f)rom Old French bienvenue; literally bien (“well”) +‎ venue (“come, coming”); compare also bienvenu (without the -e ). Presumably a calque of an Old Frankish term, from Proto-Germanic *wiljakwumô (“a welcome guest or arrival”), from which many modern Germanic forms descend, as English welcome ." (random dictionary definition-emphasis added)

How Revolting-the apartment building I live in is adjacent to Bien Venue Cemetery.

screencapture of Google Map 2023



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