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In Person, Live, Hybrid, &

In less than one hundred years the following terminology probably will be as relevant as the difference between a stick drawing in the sand, a ink quill, a fountain pen, and a lead pencil is today, but I need to sort out the differences for myself; and they appear to be as follows.

Early 21st Century Meeting Terminology:

In person: with one's own body and presence, the meeting together is personal, person-to-person to person....

Live: means an event is broadcast in real time, without delay, without change, to television viewers who have no input.

Hybrid: meeting has three major components, 1) some people participate in person, 2) other people participate on-line, remotely through their own devices, facilitated by virtual components such as an AI that provides 360° camera on meeting area, mic, and speaker, and 3) all participants can add pre-recorded material such as videos or text to read. channels: allow viewers limited input such as: "Up Like/Down Dislike", "Comments", "Subscribe", selecting "Not Interested" or "Don't suggest channel again", and "Report."

Shall We Meet In Person, Live, Hybrid, Or Just Watch YouTube?

image and animation by Annmarie Throckmorton 2022



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