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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Harsh Allegations

According to the report screen captured below, Maine has a preponderance of psychos! Somehow I missed this alarming fact when I decided to retire to Maine. Now that I am here, I do have to say that I have met more than seems normal.


1. The nurse who kept letting the air out of my car tires so that I would go to her for help with her commercial-grade tire pump machine. That same woman kept "losing" my gloves, my coat, my keys, and then she would miraculously find them. I never lose my stuff, so it looked like Munchausen's syndrome to me; and she was very difficult to disentangle from.

2. Gay gym teachers doing what they typically do to foist themselves on students, even old students because it is about power and control not sex in particular! Ewww. But they are a "protected class" so I cannot go into tjhe details. Suffice it to say that I now exercise at home. That is a big loss to me.

3. They say, "You're only paranoid if they aren't out to get you." So if s/he/it/they have bragged about it, and they habitually act sneaky like they are up to something, and I actually caught them slipping in and out of my apartment, how am I to believe their indignant denials? Also, is there a spy camera(s) in my home? I covered the suspect smoke detector with a paper shield, which is about all that is protecting me at this point in life.

4. It is obvious to me that Maine does have more than its share of psychopaths, and there are other psychos who have trampled into my life, and were scuttled out as fast as I could get them out, but they will have to go unnamed and without details because they are in a position of power over me, and I AM AFRAID IF THEM.

So here I sit in my dream location of Maine, AFRAID. Afraid in my own home and in public.

In my freshly formed opinion, most of these psychos are self-taught, cultivating bad behavior because they are bored, crazy, prone to social experimentation, or all of the above. Their psychopathy may also be a coping mechanism to help them fend off or prey upon the wealthy, well-educated tourists who they entice into tourism in the Pine Tree State. The attitude seems to be, "Bring your money, drop it at our feet, and go away." Tourists are considered foreigners, "from away" as Mainers say, and should stay away.

Study Claims Maine Has The Highest Concentration Of Psychopaths In The Nation

June 24, 2023



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