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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Cute Baby Moose Grow Up

I have always been afraid of moose* and I still fervently hope that I never run into one, either literally or so to speak.


*Moose—plural moose, a ruminant mammal ( Alces alces ) with humped shoulders, long legs, and broadly palmated antlers that is the largest existing member of the deer family and inhabits forested areas of Canada, the northern U.S., Europe, and Asia. Source:

Twin moose calves, by Mark Picard, Visit Bangor Maine Region Guide 2021

(They are so cute, but I worry about where their gigantic, protective mother is.)

noncommercial fair use

"Rocky Mountain mammal size comparison", by Mary Donahue

(All of these animals are also prevalent in Maine.)

noncommercial fair use



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