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Birds Seem Okay

On Mary Greeley News, "Today's News. Animal Virus, Ebola, FEMA Emergency Test", YouTube, Aug 11, 2021, Mary expressed concern about the birds suddenly disappearing from where she is in South Dakota, asking, "Did they leave because the Yellowstone Supervolcano is soon going to erupt?"

My comment online

Birds seem okay in downstate Illinois. It is roughly 834 miles · Light traffic · 11 hr 10 min from South Dakota to Illinois, so that's a factor. Everyday for the last several days I have seen the flock of a dozen clever crows who patrol this neighborhood gathered around an old-growth tree near my front door, I think that they have noticed that my beloved 19-year old cat died (of COVID?) because the crows are standing around on the ground in that close clustered way that they have when observing death. Now one crow has taken to cawing "Good Morning, I hear you." through the bedroom wall of my house at the very minute that I wake up and turn on the light, or more likely the crow wakes me up and I turn on the light. I just checked and my little brown wrens, whom I love very much, are bobbing gently in my wren boxes. Yes, the birds here seem okay today. In this neighborhood we have turkey vultures, which is an ugly name for such beautiful, high soaring birds, and a pair of eagles that occasionally take to their throne on top of the fifty-foot cross on the church across the street, but there is ongoing construction there so I haven't seen those larger birds in months.

Thank you Mary for the good work that you do on your channel.

This Crow Will Wake You Up.

animation and still image by Annmarie Throckmorton 2021



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