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Another Favorite

After a couple of years of watching Jo Brand on the British TV show Would I Lie To You (on YouTube), I have become quite fond of Josephine Grace Brand (1957). "She is an English comedian, writer, presenter(,) and actress, who started her entertainment career with a move from psychiatric nursing to the alternative comedy stand-up..." (sic, Wikipedia, underscore added)

Jo has a bit of an accent. The maternal side of my family, some of whom still live in Kentucky, would say that Jo is a hoot-in-a-holler*, but they would say it in an accent so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife. Hers is a different accent but Jo feels like family to me. She is snorting funny, deep, and strong. You should see her childhood photographs, she was a very pretty little girl.


*A hoot-in-a-holler means funny, but a deeper meaning is of a hoot so powerfully shouted that it goes across the holler (valley) from someone on a tall hill on one side across to someone on the other side. Just like when Jo Brand speaks.

Jo Brand, comedian, screen capture, non-commercial use, 2023 1 & 2



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