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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Call For A Memorial For The Murder Of Fifty-three Women

Below is my online comment at 04:25, Birdman Of Cahokia, Mayans, Horus & Gobekli Tepe, YouTube channel by cfapps7865,

Regarding Mound 72 Woodhenge, Monks Mound at Cahokia Mounds near Collinsville, Illinois, approximately 950 CE, it is impossible to respect a culture that kills fifty-three women (and four young men, and thirty-nine other individuals, and fifteen elites, and more to a total of two hundred and seventy persons murdered for sacrifice*) to keep someone who is dead pretend-company in the "afterlife". It would be stupid and evil to do it now and it was stupid and evil to do it then. A first-grader would know that, and primitive man knew it too, they just enjoyed the brutal drama of doing it. And there was no one to stop them.

And after these fifty-three women were murdered, the property of those women was up for grabs. If the women were poor they lost only their most precious possession, their lives. If the murdered women owned garden plots, carefully maintained and productive, those were taken after they were murdered. And the skin clothing that they had chewed soft and sown with deer bone needles were taken: moccasins, leggings, skirts, loin cloths, dresses, capes, bags, and blankets. Most women plan their wardrobes ahead for the seasons, and have additional clothing to replace damaged clothing, all of that would have been taken by their murderers. The pottery and reed baskets that they had made would have been taken, the jewelry that they hand-crafted, the herbal medicines they collected, their paints and decorations, all would be taken by their murderers. Their stores of food would also have been taken: grains, dried fish and meat, berries, fruits, seeds, nuts, and maybe an egg. A significant loss would be her hand-crafted tool kit with club, spoon, split-stick knife, stone chopper, flint cutters and burin (drill), antler hammer, seashell scrappers, bone fishhooks, needles, and awl, cordage, glue, fire-starting bow drill, and whatnot. In that way, there was a great transfer of goods and property from the fifty-three murdered women to their murderers. It is naive to think that the murderers were motivated by religion or respect for the dead, those were just excuses for rounding up fifty-three women, perhaps abusing them beyond the torturous strangulation for which there is evidence. History is replete and repetitive with accounts of the rape, beating, cutting, burning alive, burying alive, and other "torture sports" that humans have devised. Their murderers killed those fifty-three woman, then plundered the murdered women's homes and fields. Their murderers would been able to use the murdered women's children and grandchildren as whatever kind of slave they wanted them to be, how vilely powerful that must have made the murderers feel. Again, religion and death rites were only cover-ups for the profitable and "entertaining" evil event of murdering fifty-three women. To this day, over a thousand years later, the fifty-three women are describe salaciously as "young" but their ages ranged from fifteen to thirty, with fifteen arguably adult in primitive times and thirty the age of many grandmothers then.

History is full of this sort of behavior. I for one will not insult the memory of those fifty-three women by ignoring the crimes committed against them. I call for a memorial for those fifty-three murdered women at Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, as representative for all who were murdered at this horrific site.

Side Note: with this kind of insane, dysfunctional behavior endemic to the Americas, it is no wonder the indigenous population acceded to the somewhat less bloody European immigrants.

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* See also:

Caption: Call For A Memorial For The Murder Of Fifty-three Women

At Cahokia Mounds, Illinois

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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