• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

The Dead Are Ready To Vote In Illinois McLean County

Three years after my father passed, the McLean County Board of Elections still maintains him on their voter list, even though years ago I took his death certificate and my Executor of Estate Paperwork in to them and asked them to remove him from their voter list so as to remove any possibility of voter fraud in his name. They refused to do so, putting me off with all sorts of nonsense such as, it is on the list but it really isn't on the list, they don't know how to remove it, and they will remove it later if I would just go away now. Then when these arrogant cheats (Democrats?) sell their voter list to iffy vendors like the Brilliant Water Company, whose claim is "Learn how our family's 75 years in the water treatment industry has developed ways to drink the best tasting cleanest alkaline water possible from your own faucets !" (sic), I receive yet another postcard invitation to my very late father for his attendance at a nice, free dinner. And the Illinois McLean County Election Board has my father's name on their voter list to vote him whichever way they choose. Infuriating.

Caption: Illinois McLean County Board of Elections sells its voter list

including dead voters to vendors in 2019

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