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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Sleazy Doctors

Caption: The following is correspondence regarding the "problem" of me being seven minutes too late for my doctor appointment due to the onset of a blizzard in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois just prior to my appointment. It is yet another example of the new legal focus of medical care; as it is a rude letter that serves no function other than to ensure Advocate Medical Group is paid for the appointment that they denied to me, even though I was there and there was not one other patient in the facility.

It appears to me that the medical profession has stopped keeping medical charts on patients, and instead is keeping legal records for the dual purpose of forestalling any liability and maximizing payments from each patient. As for medical care, that is left to the patient to try and coax from the medical "profession", from doctors who seem to be competing with lawyers to make their profession the sleaziest.

Dr. Springer has announced that he is leaving his practice in a few months, and it is convenient for me for him to fill the role of primary care physician in the interlude. Hopefully, I will just transfer to whichever doctor takes his place. I will bide my time, but it irks.

At my next doctor appointment I waited forty minutes before the doctor saw me.

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