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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

My Dream Dinner Party

What a pleasant thought! I would be delighted to invite to my dream dinner party, explorers of the global archaeological record, international comedic entertainers, and societal analysts whom I have discovered via

Candice Owens, American conservative commentator and political activist

Kellyanne Conway, American pollster, political consultant, and pundit

Sylvie Ivanova, amateur archaeologist. YouTube channel: newearth

Richard Ayoade, English comedian, actor, filmmaker, author and television presenter

David Mitchell, British comedian, actor, writer and television presenter

Lee Mack, English comedian and actor

Rob Brydon, Welsh comedian, actor, radio and television presenter, singer and impressionist

Henning Wehn, German stand-up comedian and traveller based in London

Michael Yuri Janitch, earthquake forecasting, and geophysics research. YouTube channel: Dutchsinse

Brien Foerster, author, and adventurer Brien Foerster exploring Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Hawaii, Easter Island, and other exotic places. YouTube channel: Brien Foerster

Matt Sibson, researcher of ancient history and mysteries of humanity. YouTube channel: Ancient Architects

Chuck (no last name, Las Vegas, Nevada, researcher of ancient & lost history. YouTube channel: cfapps7865

Anton Petrov, "explain(s) science, math or other complicated topics using simulations, video games and easy to understand words." YouTube channel: Anton Petrov

Praveen Mohan, groundbreaking research on ancient history, archeology and extraterrestial theory. YouTube channel: PraveenMohan

Jimmy (no last name), independent researcher (antediluvian), former Theft/Fraud Investigator, Army/Iraq war vet who woke up. YouTube channel: Bright Insight

Winston Frederick Sterzel, South African-born vlogger, and video producer based in Shenzhen in the Guangdong province of China. His videos cover a variety of topics relating to life in China from a Westerner's perspective. YouTube channel SerpentZA

Taras Vladimirovich Kulakov, "better known as CrazyRussianHacker, is a Russian American YouTuber. He produces videos on 'life hacks', scientific experiments, testing, with the catchphrase 'Safety is number one priority.' His YouTube channel, "CrazyRussianHacker", created in 2012, has over 2.6 billion views and 11 million subscribers..."

Black Conservative Patriot (no other name), born: Harlem, NYC Black & Latino, "We correct the false narrative of the failed Fake News corporate legacy media. Come along for the ride!" YouTube channel: Black Conservative Patriot

and Black Pigeon Speaks (no other name), "ALL THE NEWS LURKING IN THE BOWELS OF THE INTERNET UNFIT FOR PUBLISHING". YouTube channel: Black Pigeon Speaks

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît. In a dream everyone responds in the affirmative!

Caption: Who Would Be At My Dream Dinner Party?

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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