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Gorilla Salad

My doctor recently asked me if I had intended to lose weight because apparently I have lost some weight. I simply replied "No." which was true and false depending on how you look at it. I want to be lighter because it helps with my pain and mobility, but formal dieting does not work for me so I do not do it. I kept that to myself because he is generally distrustful and I did not want to have to prove anything to him. It seems very ordinary to me to lose weight as one ages down the final stretch.

One of the ways that I control my weight is by avoiding salad dressings with their cheap, bitter soybean oil base, and the excess of sugars, preservatives, and weird spices that manufacturers add to try to make their salad dressings more palatable.

A salad that I really enjoy is what I call my Gorilla Salad. It is just a variety of unseasoned, clean, fresh leaves like a gorilla might sit among to pluck directly into its mouth. A long time ago I saw a video clip of a powerful mountain gorilla sitting contentedly on his salad bowl of a mountainside, reaching here and there to eat the tastiest leaves from the plants around him. He was very relaxed at his meal. I think of that happy animal sometimes as I reach here and there in my Gorilla Salad bowl, picking among the clean, fresh leaves with my little human fingers.

Caption: Gorilla Salad

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019


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