• Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Techniques To Resist Shame And Comfort An Abused Inner Child

Technique To Resist Shame.

A technique to resist shame is to, in the privacy of one's home or mind, self-denigrate with all the curses and vile name-calling which one fears or has experienced, so as to take ownership of them, to become impervious to them. Weep your imprecations, rage scream them, snarl them viciously, make them real. However, pay attention to managing your emotions rather than to the word content, and limit this exercise to just a few minutes. Once is enough for this exercise. Subsequently when someone denigrates you, you have already called yourself similar or worse and you can manage your emotions to calmly decide which response you wish to feel.

Technique To Comfort An Abused Inner Child.

To comfort an abused inner child, in the privacy of your home or mind, speak all of the endearments and reassurances to yourself that you wanted and should have received as a child. Tell yourself in many ways what a precious, delightful child you have been. Tell yourself that you will always love and take good care of yourself. Do this exercise only once so while doing it be sure to elaborate and give your inner child every delightful feeling that you can think of. Speak of the wonderful things you want to give to your inner child, the experiences you want to share with it, and the happiness you want for it. Focus not on the words but on the good emotions they evoke so that you keep the treasured feelings of being valued and loved with you forever. This golden glow of self-worth is part of your armor in the world, and it facilitates healthy interactions with others.

These techniques worked to counteract my detrimental memories from over half a century ago, please may they work for you. Best wishes.

Caption: The Golden Glow Of A Self-worth Shield

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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