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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Virulent Cultural Deterioration

My impression in the past century is that our cultural accouterments have taken a design shift for the worst. Furnishings and clothing used to reflect how a human being moved, worked, and lived, they were part of how we expressed ourselves. Now these mass-produced items of house and self seem devoid of heart and soul. They are made of hard, harsh lines with uncomfortable cut and material, designed by those who did not, could not care. Farm implements and sewing machines used to be of fine wood and have beautiful metal scrollwork, now only collectable weapons seem to be so embellished. Cosmetic bottles for both men and women used to be elegant with filigreed caps, now only bottles of alcohol are so decorated. Greeting cards, little paper affections passed from human hand to human hand, have not changed in seventy years and the prettiest ones of sweet hue and paper lace are no longer available; yet the computer JPGs and GIFs we now casually email to each other jitter and sparkle relentlessly, soullessly.

There are many more instances of this virulent cultural deterioration, but why go on, the point is made.

I am a stanch supporter of the American 2nd amendment, it codifies men's obligation to be armed and it secures our liberties. And if others wish to imbibe and tipple, then let it make them merry. However, why have we devalued the tools of our trades, our furnishings and dress? We decorate what we value, do we no longer value tools, furnishings, and dress?

I sincerely hope that I am mistaken in this perception.

Caption: Virulent Cultural Deterioration

by Annmarie Throckmorton 2019

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