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  • Annmarie Throckmorton, M.A.

Snowplowing And Mowing Services For The Elderly

My letter to Kaeb Services, Shirley, IL 61772.

I received your statement today for service on 01-13-19 in the amount of $60. I keep a computer log of services on a daily basis so I am certain of the following transactions. The billed amount for January 2019 should be $40 because our agreed upon rate is $40 per snowplowing. We have an understanding that I will call for service when I need my driveway snowplowed. I only requested one snowplowing in January 2019, and that was when I called you on 01-12-19, and Kaeb Services snowplowed on 02-13-19. I have enclosed a check in the amount of $40 in payment for that one snow removal on 01-13-19.

When Kaeb Services snowplowed my driveway on 01-13-19, they left it like the picture I took below:

Kaeb Services plowed only one lane of my two lane driveway,

Kaeb Services plowed only half of one lane of my two lane "L" driveway turnaround, and

Kaeb Services did not plow the sidewalk in front of my house,

Kaeb Services did not plow my front porch step.

I took this photograph, but I did not call to complain. I have too many other concerns, if it happened again I planned to bring the matter to your attention.

There was not enough snow on 01-19-19 to plow my driveway, see weather chart below, just "light snow" and "blowing snow", and online chart of weather for January 2019. Note the temperatures were above freezing so snow before 01-19-19 did not accumulate.

I did not call for further service, but Kaeb Services servicemen pulled into my driveway on 01-14-19, 01-15-19, and 01-19-19 and I had to tell them the driveway was already plowed enough, there had not been enough new snow to plow, which the servicemen should have been able to see themselves.

On 01-20-19 someone littered my driveway with an empty salt bag, it looked just like the one the Kaeb Services serviceman was using the day before when I told him not to bother with salt. That serviceman was angry when I told him I had not called for the driveway to be plowed, he stamped his feet and flung his arms around, so it seemed like he was capable of littering my yard too. I am sure that you can understand that it is difficult for me, a seventy-year old woman, to have to deal with angry servicemen on my front doorstep.

My note: I would change services but after living in downstate Illinois for a decade, and supervising services at both my parents' home and my own home, the "services" are all miserably the same.

A few days after this kafuffle, I was pulling out of my icy driveway onto Towanda but had to stop suddenly because the owner of Kaeb Services barreled by and cut me off, he either did not see me or did not care. As I trailed along in his wake, I noticed that a sticker on his truck bumper read "City Slickers Back Off". Vehicularly aggressive people frighten me. Still, and even though this service has informed me that they only plow residential properties after they plow the commercial properties, I hoped to ride out the difficulties with them until after I moved out of the State of Illinois. That strategy failed when the owner of Kaeb Services sent me a mid-winter end-of-service agreement email. I will have to find another snow and mow provider, because I refused to be cheated.

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